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ENERGY STAR 'Portfolio Manager'

ENERGY STAR 'Portfolio Manager' (ESPM) is a free, online tool from the EPA that supports tracking, baselining, benchmarks for specific building types to support energy efficiency improvement and ongoing management of a building’s energy and water use.

CARBON THRESHOLD, an 'ENERGY STAR' Most Active Service & Product Provider offers a complete setup and ongoing reporting in Portfolio Manager for businesses that lack the time, manpower or resources to manage their own portfolios. With our thorough knowledge of ESPM, we can help you to meet or exceed your targeted threshold of energy benchmarking to reduce your carbon imprint. Let us manage your 'Portfolio Manager'... with your completed building survey and copies of at least one year of past utility bills, we will review all information for accuracy and perform a primary upload into Portfolio Manager. We also offer timely and continual updating to your Portfolio Manager on a yearly basis. Depending on your updating frequency, you and your company officials will be able to see your energy performance on a monthly or quarterly viewing as well as any energy reduction savings from newly implemented retrofits.

By also taking the 'ENERGY STAR' pledge and setting your reduction goal by 10%, your company will play a vital role in achieving a greener footprint. After 12 months of energy consumption data, Portfolio Manager will then compute your building's 'energy efficiency rating' by taking in a number of different factors: size, location, year build, number of workers/tenants, size % if it's heated and/or cooled, # of computers, parking area, etc. If your building has a rating is '75' or higher, you will be able to apply for the prestigious ES Label Award. Your company can proudly display this award and most importantly be listed as an ES certified rated building.

With the new focus on our carbon imprint, many local and state agencies are also mandating that you document your energy usage in Portfolio Manager. Many major cities & states are now requiring annual compliance reports from ESPM, like New York City's NYC LL84 & California's AB 1103 / 531. It won't be long before Clark County or the State of Nevada starts enforcing similar types of regulations.

The accuracy of these reports will be dependent on the receiving all the correct building documentation & all the monthly utility bills on a timely basis.
March 1, 2012
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