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CARBON THRESHOLD, an 'ENERGY STAR' Service & Product Provider is proud to offer services and products that can assist businesses who have committed to the goals of ENERGY STAR. We believe that businesses can benefit financially by continually monitoring and improving their energy resource management and in turn, benefit the environment.

CARBON THRESHOLD offers businesses many different ways to track & reduce their company's carbon footprint by efficiently monitoring and documenting their energy usage/reduction and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). We will provide detailed knowledge and timely reports that will help you to be successful in your "Carbon Reduction Commitment". Whether it's our support by recording your energy consumption or by calculating your air quality emissions, we can help lead your company to a greener footprint.

Areas of expertise include:



ENERGY STAR 'Portfolio Manager'

ENERGY STAR 'Portfolio Manager' (ESPM) is a free, online tool from the EPA that supports tracking, baselining, benchmarks for specific building types to support energy efficiency improvement and ongoing management of a building’s energy and water use.

CARBON THRESHOLD, an 'ENERGY STAR' Most Active Service & Product Provider offers a complete setup and ongoing reporting in Portfolio Manager for businesses that lack the time, manpower or resources to manage their own portfolios. With our thorough knowledge of ESPM, we can help you to meet or exceed your targeted threshold of energy benchmarking to reduce your carbon imprint. Let us manage your 'Portfolio Manager'... with your completed building survey and copies of at least one year of past utility bills, we will review all information for accuracy and perform a primary upload into Portfolio Manager. We also offer timely and continual updating to your Portfolio Manager on a yearly basis. Depending on your updating frequency, you and your company officials will be able to see your energy performance on a monthly or quarterly viewing as well as any energy reduction savings from newly implemented retrofits.

By also taking the 'ENERGY STAR' pledge and setting your reduction goal by 10%, your company will play a vital role in achieving a greener footprint. After 12 months of energy consumption data, Portfolio Manager will then compute your building's 'energy efficiency rating' by taking in a number of different factors: size, location, year build, number of workers/tenants, size % if it's heated and/or cooled, # of computers, parking area, etc. If your building has a rating is '75' or higher, you will be able to apply for the prestigious ES Label Award. Your company can proudly display this award and most importantly be listed as an ES certified rated building.

With the new focus on our carbon imprint and how our buildings perform, many local and state agencies are also mandating that you document your energy usage in Portfolio Manager. Many major cities & states . are now requiring annual compliance reports from ESPM, like New York City's NYC LL84 & California's AB 1103 / 531. It won't be long before Clark County or the State of Nevada starts enforcing similar types of regulations.

The accuracy of these reports will be dependent on the receiving all the correct building documentation & all the monthly utility bills on a timely basis.


Clark County 'Department of Air Quality'

CARBON THRESHOLD also offers preparation of Clark County's Department Air Quality 'Annual Emission Inventory Report' and data inputting for your future annual compliance reports. Our service offers a timely, complete detailed annual report for the Responsible Official and upon review, ready to be submitted with just your signature in ink!

With a copy of your Source Permit, Technical Support Document, and annual equipment runtime hours, we will build you a customized spreadsheet. Depending on your preference, runtime hours could be inputted on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis, then calculating your YTD 'PTE' numbers and total 'RUNTIME' hours. By monitoring these gases on a consistent basis and overseeing the required documentation, you will be doing your responsible part by not exceeding your runtime hours and/or threshold levels of PTE pollutants that is set for your facility.

Let us help your company stay compliant with your Annual Emissions Inventory Report, with a thorough and detailed customized spreadsheet enabling you to track your annual emissions on a month to month basis. If you’re ever audited by the DAQ, you’ll have an up-to-date total of your runtime hours and PTE's numbers with a click of the mouse.

The accuracy of these reports will be dependent on the runtime hours supplied by the Responsible Official on a monthly basis. It's the RO's responsibility to check & verify documentation of the report before signing & submitting the "Annual Inventory Report".


Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative

HCMI 1.0 was developed for the World Travel & Tourism Council and the International Tourism Partnership member companies to provide a global standardized measurement of carbon emissions. This methodology calculates the carbon footprint of hotel stays and meetings across the hotel sector. Through common measurement and language, hotel companies and owners along with its corporate customer base will now have a greater understanding of their carbon footprints and its impact on the environment. This initiative helps to ensure that hotels are aligned in their approach to carbon measurement and is a vital step in providing consistency throughout the industry.

More to come on Carbon Threshold's future role in HCMI 1.0 documentation….



ESPM Reports

HLP Reports

  • 2 Year Electric comparison report Simple graphing, easy to read
  • 2 Year Gas comparison report Can modify to customer request
  • 2 Year Water comparison report Additional trends or type of graphing can be changed
  • Daily/Monthly Meter Reading Report with monthly forecast comparison, month to date consumption use & utility cost (additional utilities can be added). Click on the bottom REPORTING tabs to view reports.
  • Annual HLP Report which lists yearly totals on cost/consumption, unit cost/averages, and heating/cooling degree days. We also offer other categories like food covers, guest count, occupied rooms, & monthly occupancy in comparison to utility usage.

DAQEM Reports

  • We offer the DAQEM Annual Inventory Reporting in 2 different formats. We can build you a customized spreadsheet for your property, where monthly runtime numbers can be inputted for a up-to-date running report on your properties emission pollutants or can use the standard DAQEM’s .pdf report. Click on the bottom REPORTING tabs to view final customized report


Portfolio Manager, Property Set-up

  • Tier 1: First property, up to 3* utility accounts (includes 1st year quarterly updating).
  • Tier 2: Next 2 additional properties, up to 6* utility accounts
  • Tier 3: Next 2 additional properties, up to 6* utility accounts
  • *Additional charges for multiple utilities over property allotment of 3 each
The accuracy of these reports will be dependent on receiving all the correct building documentation and the monthly utility bills on a timely basis.

DAQEM, Inventory Reporting

  • Tier 1: 12 emission units (includes monthly updating & annual report for the year 2013).
  • Tier 2: Each additional EU, up to 24 emission units.
  • Tier 3: Each additional EU beyond 24 and up to 36 emission units
The accuracy of these reports will be dependent on the runtime hours supplied by the Responsible Official on a monthly basis. It's the RO's responsibility to check & verify documentation of the report before signing & submitting the "Annual Inventory Report".

Levels of services:

  1. One time complete set up
  2. Ongoing updating, monitoring, and annual reporting
  3. Secondary reports providing monthly, quarterly, yearly data with customized trendlines, graphs, etc.


Douglas E. James

Facility Engineer- Building Data & Emission Compliance Administrator

  • 30+ years in Hotel Facility Engineering POMEC: Property Operations, Maintenance, & Energy Costs
  • Current SPP (Service & Product Provider) of a major hotel company with 20 hotels (7.9+ million sq ft), responsible for the ES "Portfolio Manager" startup, quarterly energy updates by facility and quarterly / annual reports to Senior Management
  • Current BDA (Building Data Administrator) of a local Henderson (480,000 sq ft)
  • 15th year of managing HLP: Heat, Light, and Power documentation for this Resort & Spa
  • 15th year of managing DAQEM Air Quality Emissions Reports for the Responsible Offical
  • Experienced in building customized spreadsheets & reports by facility
  • Lead HVAC Engineer, Administrative Responsibilities: Life Safety Compliance, HLP Reporting, Energy Management Systems, Electrical Distribution, Mechanical Systems, Water Treatment Program, Preventative Maintenance Program, Capital Mechanical Projects, and more…
  • Licensed General Contractor B-1, State of California #351042.


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